About the Creator of Naked Up North

They say scent is the sense tied closest to memory; a place, a time, a feeling. This has always been true for me. When I was five, it was coffee and crayons at my grandmother’s kitchen table. When I was ten, it was chlorine-drenched hair in the heat of summer. In college, a favorite perfume and a heavy wool sweater. And when I got married, calla lilies and the deep earthiness of leaves in fall. So later in life, when I owned my own furniture and decor shop, I became interested in the art of candle making. Not just melting wax and adding fragrance, but the love and intention of designing nostalgia.

I created a line of candles for my shop, and when I decided to close that business, the candles took on a new life at markets and events. Several years later, Naked Up North, the tiny candle line rooted in nostalgia, is featured in shops and boutiques across the United States and Canada. I am now pouring five scent collections in a full-time production studio based in Buffalo, New York.

The beauty of my company is that while it has grown, I’ve maintained the art of small-batch processes using ingredients that are free of additives, phthalates, and dyes. That means Naked Up North candles burn clean without emitting irritants into the air. My product lines will continue to expand based on my passion for candle making and your demand for high quality, luxury scents that offer something for every palate.

Naked Up North comes from my heart, designed to be wonderfully aromatic for your home and exceptionally good for your soul.

With love,

Jennifer Kovach
Naked Up North